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Nov 10, 2011
Clay Ritchings

2012 Volvo Plug-in Hybrid Diesel Not Making it to U.S Soil

We are not worthy—unfortunately, the news from Volvo isn’t good for the U.S. It seems Executives at Volvo don’t think the U.S is ready for a plug-in diesel hybrid. Therefore we will get a gasoline-electric hybrid, but everyone else will receive the diesel-electric hybrid.

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Nov 9, 2011
James Warham

Are Hybrid cars really Eco-Friendly?

Are Hybrid cars really Eco-friendly? What happens to all those batteries after the car has gone past it’s useful life? There are reports out there that claim the battery production impact alone far out ways any positive impact that driving a Hybrid car will do.

There are hundreds of thousand hybrid cars on the roads in the U.S. In addition, more and more hybrid cars are being sold and the dealerships of these fuel efficient vehicles are celebrating the record sales. But several environmentalists this might lead to a problem. They are afraid that the hybrid outbreak might turn into nickel hydride battery pollution. Environmentalists say hybrid cars batteries, since they do not last lifelong, would end up scattered in landfills and contaminate the soil.

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Oct 28, 2011
Mary McRae

Green Car Driving Tips

Buying green is just the first step in reducing the environmental impacts of automobile use. Your choice of vehicle is most important, but how you drive and how well you maintain your car, van, or light truck will also make a difference.

Avoid “jack rabbit” starts and aggressive driving. Flooring the gas pedal not only wastes gas, it leads to drastically higher pollution rates. One second of high-powered driving can produce nearly the same volume of carbon monoxide emissions as a half hour of normal driving.

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