Sep 18, 2013
Karen Cook
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Pros and Cons of Going Green

Why do consumers buy electric automobiles? That depends. Some want to be kind to the environment. Some want to cut their gasoline costs. Some are attracted by the modern technology. The question is can you afford to go green. Here are a few things to think about.

Environmentalists constantly remind us that the emissions from our vehicles are damage the air we breathe and chip away at the protective layer around the earth that keeps us from burning up in the suns rays. While it’s true electric cars do not emit these gases, they must be charged for anywhere from 4–22 hours, depending on the vehicle and type of charging unit you have. The electricity to charge your battery most likely comes from a plant that is burning coal to make it, so even though it’s kind of second hand, an electric car still requires these gases to spin off into the atmosphere. Perhaps this is done at a slightly slower rate, but the more electric cars there are which need to be charged the more electricity will be produced to meet the demand.

On the question of gas prices, no one can argue that gas gets more and more expensive, so an electric car would cut this expense out of the equation, right? Well, yes and no. If you purchase a totally electric vehicle then you don’t ever have to fill it up again. If you buy a hybrid, which runs on battery power and gas, you won’t fill up as often. Here you need to determine how far you need to go in your daily rounds. Most straight EVs will take you somewhere between 60 and 250 miles on a full charge and, considering how few charging stations there currently are, you can’t count on more than that. If you live and work in the same city this may be ideal, but a commute of more that 25 or 30 miles just isn’t practical.

This is one place where the electric car comes out on top, hands down. Because an electric motor has fewer moving parts, it requires less upkeep. On average car repairs and normal maintenance will cost about $8000 a year less than a conventional gas-powered engine. Even with the cost of the charging station for your home this is a significant savings, and electricity is far cheaper than gas, so, if you can afford the time to charge, this may still be a wise investment.

Electric cars will rise in popularity as charging stations become more widespread and gas prices continue to rise. Whether your concerns are your environment or your wallet, this is the transportation of the future.