Apr 23, 2012
Chris Salamone

MotoEnvy, Electric Style

If you didn’t want a motorcycle before, you’ll want one now. Brammo, the company responsible for dominating the Isle of Man electric motorcycle race, has officially unveiled their latest close-to-production version super bike – the Empulse. Until recently, electric motorcycles seemed like an impossible dream. Subsequent battery technology just couldn’t handle the high speeds or minimum storage space commonly associated with bikes.

That is, until now. On May 8, Brammo will officially debut the company’s latest electric sensation. One quick look at the vehicle’s specs and you’ll become an electric motorcycle believer.

While range was a major issue with previous bikes, Brammo claims the incoming Empulse can travel over 120 miles in normal city driving. And, to make matters more interesting, it can also achieve a top performance of over 100 miles per hour. Recharge should take 8 hours with a normal socket or 3.5 hours in quick charge conditions.

“Our goal in the long term is to create a bike that is bike of the year, not just electric bike of the year,” stated Craig Bramscher, Brammo’s founder, to Los Angeles Times last December. “We’re getting to an electric motorcycle without excuses. From the beginning, [our first bike] the Enertia had its caveats of its top speed and how far it could travel per charge. We’re slowly knocking the excuses off.”

Of course, the excuses are being trimmed after Polaris delivered a substantial 28 million dollar investment last year. But if that’s what it takes to make electric motorcycles mainstream, so be it. No other transportation platform, from cars to trains or planes, has a greater potential for electric powertrain success than motorcycles. In support, the next-generation Empulse looks to manage both style and function.

While we don’t have any official stats on the quickness of the 2012 Empulse, the company’s teaser video leaves little to the imagination – showing lighting fast acceleration and throttle response. Further, the Empulse will be the first electric motorcycle to incorporate a water-cooled electric power plant with 6-speed transmission, which will allow hard nose acceleration not typically found on single ratio electric bikes.

So, to recap: Brammo’s incoming Empulse will, in all likelihood, be the most advanced and best looking electric motorcycle on the market. Although pricing has not been announced, buyers will flock as long as the Empulse is in an electric motorcycle price ‘range’ of rationality. And even if the price is too high, perhaps that’ll be one more excuse to address in the future.

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