Nov 25, 2011
Chris Weiss

More Than One Way to Go Green: Honda Civic NG Is ‘Green Car of the Year’


The Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf have been busy hogging green car awards around the world since they launched last December. But at this year’s LA Auto Show an obscure vehicle surpassed them and earned the “Green Car of the Year” award. The 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas may not be as well-known or advertised as the Leaf or Volt, but it is the green car of the year.

To be fair, neither the Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf was up for this year’s award. They competed last year, and the Chevy Volt took home the honor. However, the Civic NG did beat out some higher profile competitors including the Ford Focus Electric and Toyota Prius V.

The Civic Natural Gas is the only natural gas consumer vehicle in the US. The model has actually been in production since 1998 but remained a fleet vehicle until just a few years ago. The 2012 Civic Natural Gas has an estimated 27 city/ 38 highway mpg.

While the 38 mpg falls well short of hybrids and electrics, the gallon in this case is natural gas, a cleaner-burning fuel. According to the EPA, it cuts 30 to 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions and 60 to 90 percent of smog-producing pollutants over gasoline. Natural gas is produced almost entirely in the United States and costs less than gasoline. The EPA’s estimated annual fuel cost for the Civic Natural Gas is $1,108, whereas the Civic Hybrid is $1,252 and the base-model gas Civic is $1,770.

In the past, the EPA has called the natural-gas Civic the cleanest internal-combustion vehicle on Earth. The 2011 model scores an 8 out 10 on the EPA’s pollution scale, while the standard gas Civic gets a 5.

The Civic Natural Gas is also an economical green car. Unlike the latest series hybrids and electrics, which are pushing $40,000, the Civic Natural Gas starts at $26,155. Honda is expanding the car’s availability to 200 US dealerships in 36 states for the 2012 model year and hopes to sell 2,000 models, a number which it eventually hopes to double.

Sources: Detroit News 

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  • Great car i haven’t heard much about it but i defiantly want to know more.

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