Dec 20, 2011
Chris Weiss

Mitsubishi Delivers First i-Miev

Well this feels like a replay of December 2010. In that month, Chevy and Nissan launched their respective mass-market e-vehicles within days of each other. In December 2011, the next two highly anticipated mass-market EVs are both making headlines. Ford began production on the Focus Electric on Wednesday and Mitsubishi delivered its first i-Miev a day later.

The event wasn’t in California, where EV launches tend to be, but on the beautiful island of Hawaii. Mitsubishi representatives joined by Hawaiian Governor Neil Abercombie delivered the very first 2012 i-Miev to Bryson and Bridget Nishimura of Waipahu, Hawaii. The event was held at the Hawaiian State Capitol Building in Honolulu.

“We purchased the 2012 Mitsubishi i primarily to save on gas – we currently spend about $70.00 a week on fuel. But it should cost us only around $3.00 for a full charge of electricity – that’s going to be a great savings for us! Long-term, the Mitsubishi i should save us at least $3,000 a year,” said Mr. Nishimura.

The i-Miev will definitely save on gas. It recently earned the number 1 spot in the EPA’s 2012 Fuel Economy Leaders guide thanks to its 112 mpg-e combined rating (126 mpg-e city, 99 mpg-e highway). For comparison, the Nissan Leaf rates 99 mpg-e combined (106 city, 92 highway) and Ford expects the Focus Electric, which hasn’t been officially rated yet, to come in right around 100 mpg-e.

The i-Miev is also the cheapest of the major electric cars on the American market. It carries a $29,125 base price (before tax incentives), compared to the 2012 Focus Electric’s $39,995 and 2012 Leaf’s $35,200.

If there’s one big area to complain about in regards to the i-Miev it would have to be its tiny size and weird looks. But at least one person doesn’t find that a problem. Mrs. Nishimura said of her new car: “I think the car is so cute. Plus, I like that it’s roomy and it’s a hatchback. It’s going to be so good for the earth – we’re both way on board with it.”


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