Jul 24, 2012
Chris Salamone

Leaf Armstrong Stretches For Comfort

Next time you’re lodging in the Nashville area, it might be a good idea to shoot for the Embassy Suites Nashville South. And, it might be an even better idea to ask for shuttle service – where the hotel’s stretch limo Nissan Leaf is currently in use.

That’s right, a Nissan Leaf that’s been converted into a limousine.

After receiving a laundry list of modifications from a company in Missouri, this limo Leaf is now a physical manifestation of the Embassy Suites’ commitment to luxury and going green. But don’t expect every Embassy Suites shuttle service to use it.

According to Trevor Goulding, director of sales for Embassy Suites Nashville South: “This is the world’s first road-worthy, licensed, street legal electric limousine…The Leaf will be primarily (for) VIP car service, anybody who is looking for that special treatment to get around in the area.”

So if you want to ride in this particular electric vehicle, it’s important to act like an eco-friendly VIP (whatever that is).

Most of the original Leaf components are still in place. The vehicle uses the same battery pack, straight from the manufacturer, but it has been relocated to the back of the chassis for weight, power distribution, and handling purposes. The vehicle’s body count payload has been upped to 8.

Which, in conjunction with an additionally added 400 pounds for increased seating and space, may cut a substantial chunk out of the Leaf’s maximum estimated range. Fortunately for the Embassy Suites, extended range isn’t really the goal of their stretched Leaf – clearly we’re shooting for glory points here.

Also, the company’s typical trip is less than five miles from the hotel. Even if the Leaf’s range is cut in half – which is probably isn’t – there should be plenty of juice for a few typical errands.

In addition to a modicum of savings at the pump, the hotel is aiming for a luxurious experience. Fanciful mirrors, plus leather and cedar paneling have been added to bolster an image of ‘withitness’ and function.

Even if riding around in a limo is exactly the opposite of green living, we can still appreciate the awesomeness of a stretched Leaf. Perhaps instead of a glass of Crystal or Don P. this would be an ideal opportunity to sip a fresh cup of sweet tea whilst cruising the strip.

Source : Nissan