Oct 29, 2011
James Warham

Hydrogen Vehicles—Where Are They Now?

I have not been a big fan of the EV revolution—sorry tree huggers, I do not feel that they are ready for “prime time” or worth the cost. Yes they are pricey but the cost of using more fossil fuels to produce electricity on a grid that has already shown that in summer months, can’t handle the loads now. Now introduce charging stations, additional home consumption to charge the EV’s and all the additional electric conveniences that we will surely add to our lives and I think it spells disaster.

Just building electric cars and calling it a day will never break us from foreign oil—but that’s a discussion for another time and place. So what are the car manufacturers to do? How about thinking outside the box and coming up with some really clean viable energy.

Already done! In fact it’s been done for some time now and successfully used all across the world every day—it’s abundant, renewable and produces no emissions except harmless water.

For some time now commercial vehicles have been using hydrogen fuel cell technology and it made its way into a family car some time ago—never heard of it? That’s because it was never marketed by the manufacturer so most Americans think that the cleanest most efficient vehicles come from Toyota.

Because of forward thinking from Honda, the car of the future is available today and has been for some time now, and not just to carefully selected corporate fleets, but is available to lease by everyday consumers. The FCX is a fully functional Honda that is just like the cars we drive today. With 134 hp, the FCX performs as well as any family sedan on the road today, except the only emission that comes out of this car is water.

Well-done, Honda! I commend you for not sticking a battery in a sedan and calling it a “Hybrid”. I now forgive you for producing the Insight. If the manufacturers out there had any regard for the future or forward thinking capabilities then they would be rushing head first into hydrogen from solar. It is refreshing that an auto manufacturer is putting forward thinking over green marketing. And the pièce de resistance: manufacturing this station so that it essentially could be used by those faithful to other brands.

The FCX is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell that can be refueled just as fast and easy as your car today. Unfortunately, the infrastructure is in place only in limited areas in California, but the good news is Honda can remedy that situation on their own.

But Honda has also remedied that too—

Honda has also taken steps forward in the fuel cell world by producing a home hydrogen refill station. Utilizing solar power and designed as a single, integrated unit to fit in the home garage, the station produces enough hydrogen in an eight-hour overnight fill to power a fuel cell electric vehicle for its typical daily commute. The unit was designed to complement a public network of fast-fill hydrogen stations by refilling overnight, letting owners take advantage of less expensive off-peak electrical power and remove the requirement of hydrogen storage. In other words the unit will use solar during the day and run off the power grid at night. . . Bravo!

Things have been relatively quiet on the hydrogen front over the past few years with so much attention being devoted to electric vehicles. Still, most major automakers continue to develop hydrogen fuel cell technology as a longer-term solution to our transportation needs…just don’t let them sweep them under the rug.

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  • I don’t think the hydrogen vehicles are ready to put out on the market. I think it might just make the economy worse. We all ready are having problems with it being to hot in the summer and being way to cold in the winter. So how are we going to afford to power this car when we are having trouble just getting some one;s house to cool off cause its so hot or so cold. It’s just food for thought so think about it?

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