Dec 22, 2011
Chris Weiss

Fisker Karma Gets Yet Another Price Increase, Now Over $100K

Fisker just can’t seem to keep the price of the Karma down. The sexy series hybrid is finally starting to show up in dealerships after years of delays, and Fisker is already bumping the price up. Again. The car got a 6 percent increase in base price. The new pricing went into effect last Thursday for new customers and will apply to those that have already reserved their Karmas beginning in January.

Cars tend to get price increases when they move into the next model year, but Fisker has increased the price of the Karma at least three different times before it’s hardly begun selling it. The ever-rising price can’t be helping the start-up automaker’s reputation.

When the Karma debuted at the 2008 Detroit Motor Show, the projected price was $80,000. In 2009, the price was upped to $87,900. Delay after delay pushed the launch of the car back to this year. And within that delayed time frame, Fisker raised the price of the Karma to $95,900 last December. And now the base price is $102,000. The range-topping Eco Chic trim will cost $116,000.

Of course, you’ll still be eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit, but that’s starting to look smaller and smaller when compared to the Fisker’s ballooning price.

At this point, I’d think Fisker would have just eaten whatever it stands to lose by keeping the price stable. Sell as many Karmas as you can and focus on your next generation of cars, where you’ll hopefully be able to recoup some of the investment costs. In the nearly four years it’s been in existence, the Karma has gone from a well-designed, technological breakthrough to an overpriced lame duck. I just don’t understand how it’s worth the money at this point (I didn’t even understand how it was worth $95K, let alone $102).

Had it launched in 2009 or early 2010 at $80K, I think it would have been a unique car worth its price. But combine the Karma’s late launch (other automakers are catching up and surpassing the start-up’s technology) with its ever-increasing price with its less than impressive EPA rating and the Karma is just a very expensive, not-all-that-green luxury car. It’s now less green and nearly double the price of the upcoming 2012 Tesla Model S, an all-electric sedan.

The new pricing took effect on December 15, but those that have already put a deposit on the Karma will have until January 15 to finish the deal at the initial price.

Source : Fox News

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  • Wow i don’t think many people are gonna want to buy this at that price.But hey if you got the money go for it

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