Jun 22, 2012
Chris Salamone

eBay Listing Commuter Gold: 1972 Honda Z600

Since the first major US oil crisis, of the early 1970s, small cars have rolled into vogue. Of course, Americans still adopt a ‘bigger is better’ mentality, even today, but increased offerings in the subcompact and micro car segments are evidence enough to suggest that fuel efficiency remains to be a major selling factor.

But if purchase price is also an important characteristic, then car consumers must often broaden their search to the pre-owned lot – and economy cars of yesterday. Fortunately for Honda, the company was prophetic enough to produce fuel sippers from the get go.

Like this 1972 Honda Z600, listed on eBay, which is capable of a proclaimed 136 miles per gallon at 30 mph. That’s what we call commuter gold.

The vehicle pictured above is not the same Honda on eBay, just a similar Z600 sold at Barret Jackson recently. Despite not being ‘cover girl’ material, the eBay listing looks to be in relatively good condition. With only minor cracks on the dash and some paint snafus, the to-be auctioned 1972 Z600 stands strongly at an estimated 75,000 miles.

And the seller seems to know his stuff. “For those of you who are familiar with me, I sell a lot of Honda 600 parts on eBay…if I thought this car needed any mechanical parts, I would have already put them on…” Apparently “a lot of Honda 600 parts” amounts to 500-600 available on eBay at any given time.

Worst case scenario the new buyer will have a good resource for replacement parts, should the going get rough. While this is a Honda, in good repair, 40 year old cars are bound to need regular maintenance. The positive news is that the Z600 is basically a glorified go-kart, powered by a cute 600cc air cooled engine which sends juice to the front wheels via 4 speed manual transmission.

If modern technology is on your list of buyer demands, either look elsewhere or buy a Honda Asimo to be your co-pilot. The Z600 made a great commuter car in its heyday and certainly makes sense for a modern purchase if basic engineering, fuel economy, style, and price are focal points.

eBay claims that nearly 43,600 Z600s have been auctioned off in the past three years – and that the cream of the crop cost “upwards of $6,000.” For this particular model, slap on some paint and call it a day.

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