Nov 7, 2011
Peter C Sessler

Comparing Hybrid Cars to Traditional Ones

Comparing Hybrid Cars to Traditional Ones

No doubt about it, gas prices are inching their way up and consumers are trying to save – even if the savings are small. Consumers are now evaluating whether they should make the plunge to hybrid cars, especially as the Green Movement expands. They are finding out that hybrid cars can cost less over the long haul – something that has not been true in the past.

Probably, the best reason for buying a hybrid car is because they get superior mileage. It’s no surprise that they are getting a second look, and as gas prices rise, they are finding out that hybrids can be the best option. It’s all a matter of money. If you can afford to put up a larger initial down payment, then a hybrid will pay for itself (and more) over the long term. You’ll easily recoup the difference, compared to a traditional car, when you reach the break-even point on fuel cost. The more you drive, the sooner you’ll reach that point.

Hybrid car technology takes two forms of energy (gas and electric) and combines them into one that is more efficient than just fossil fuel alone. Hybrids use smaller, more efficient gasoline engines, are built with lighter materials and more often than not, are more aerodynamic as well.

One point worth remembering is the car automatically switches to electric power as soon as it senses that it is not moving. Once pressure is put on the accelerator and the car starts moving again, the gasoline engine resumes powering the car. This can be of tremendous benefit to the consumer as fuel is no longer wasted just sitting still in traffic. Plus, there are added benefits: the hybrid car emits fewer toxic emissions than traditional cars and is quieter with the electric motor, too.

Naturally, the cost of replacing the battery pack has to be added to the cost of the hybrid car. This has been an expensive proposition in the past, but the cost of the battery pack is going down along with the battery lasting longer. Remember, too, a hybrid powered car does not need to be plugged in to recharge its battery whereas a fully electric car has to be plugged in for hours. The car’s battery recharges as the car is running. Plus, you can get a significant tax saving, too.

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  • I think hybrid cars can really help are environment in many ways, hopefully in the near future people will understand that they are our future to a healthy environment.

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