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Nov 9, 2011
Stephanie L

A Case For Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

Fuel cell cars have the potential to reduce the demand for foreign oil and lower the harmful effects it has on our climate. These cars run on hydrogen rather than gas and their exhaust doesn’t put out any harmful fumes, just water and heat. A lot of challenges will have to be overcome before these vehicles can compete with hybrids and regular gasoline vehicles, but the benefits of this technology could be very substantial to our environment and everyone living in it.

Conventional vehicles produce a significant amount of air pollutants that contribute to smog and other harmful particles in the US. The hydrogen is produced by fossil fuels resulting in some pollutants, but much less than other vehicles. However, since hydrogen can also come from domestic sources such as natural gas, coal and water, fuel cell cars would decrease the demand for foreign oil. This would make our economy less dependent on oil transport from other countries and we would be less vulnerable to price shocks from the increasingly volatile oil market.

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Oct 29, 2011
James Warham

Hydrogen Vehicles—Where Are They Now?

I have not been a big fan of the EV revolution—sorry tree huggers, I do not feel that they are ready for “prime time” or worth the cost. Yes they are pricey but the cost of using more fossil fuels to produce electricity on a grid that has already shown that in summer months, can’t handle the loads now. Now introduce charging stations, additional home consumption to charge the EV’s and all the additional electric conveniences that we will surely add to our lives and I think it spells disaster.

Just building electric cars and calling it a day will never break us from foreign oil—but that’s a discussion for another time and place. So what are the car manufacturers to do? How about thinking outside the box and coming up with some really clean viable energy.

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