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Dec 26, 2012
Dave Walter
Comments Off on City of Indianapolis Decides to Go Hybrid

City of Indianapolis Decides to Go Hybrid

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard posing with an electric Ford sedan (AP Photo/Rick Callahan)

The city of Indianapolis is aiming to be the first in the country to replace its entire vehicle fleet with hybrids, EVs and other eco-friendly vehicles. The city hopes to refresh its vehicle fleet within the next three years.

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Nov 25, 2011
Chris Weiss

More Than One Way to Go Green: Honda Civic NG Is ‘Green Car of the Year’


The Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf have been busy hogging green car awards around the world since they launched last December. But at this year’s LA Auto Show an obscure vehicle surpassed them and earned the “Green Car of the Year” award. The 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas may not be as well-known or advertised as the Leaf or Volt, but it is the green car of the year.

To be fair, neither the Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf was up for this year’s award. They competed last year, and the Chevy Volt took home the honor. However, the Civic NG did beat out some higher profile competitors including the Ford Focus Electric and Toyota Prius V.

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Nov 18, 2011
Dave Walter

Natural Gas Civic Named Green Car Journal’s Car of the Year

Green Car Journal‘s choice for this year’s “Car of the Year” isn’t the Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf. It’s not the Mitsubishi i, Toyota Prius, Honda Fit EV or Ford’s new Focus Electric either.

According to editor and publisher of Green Car Journal and editor of, Ron Cogan, “There is no other vehicle like the Civic Natural Gas on American highways, and this recognition has been a long time coming for Honda… The Honda Civic Natural Gas is a prime example of an alternative fuel that is viable, efficient and practical, making it worthy of the 2012 Green Car of the Year award,” said Cogan.

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