Jun 29, 2012
Chris Salamone

Cadillac ELR Details (And Weight) Add Up

The journalistic wizards at Car and Driver have uncovered a motherload of new details regarding the incoming Cadillac ELR, based on the current Chevy Volt. Originally billed as the Cadillac Converj Concept, at Detroit’s 2009 Auto Show, the Cadillac ELR has been the focus of rumors all over the blogosphere for years. ELR-related conversations have mostly involved concern that the Volt is already priced like a Cadillac – and already appeals to Cadillac’s consumer market.

But another potential issue has arisen as well. Cadillacs must be powerful, quiet, luxurious, and a long list of other features – which, in sum, amount to a heavy vehicle. The Volt’s mechanical guts, rated at 94 MPGe and powered by an uninspiring 1.4 liter engine plus 16.5 kWh battery, are simply not strong enough to accommodate the extra weight.

That’s why Cadillac will be adding a little fuel to the fire.

Instead of the Volt’s 1.4 liter engine and 16.5 kWh battery, the new Cadillac ELR will need stronger and larger components – housing, cooling, etc. While no final details have been released, we can speculate that a showroom ELR will be powered by Opel’s brand new Ecotec MGE engine. Otherwise, displacement and battery power will remain virtually unknown until we get closer to release.

Car and Driver writer Dave Mable sums it up best: “As vehicle size increases, the engine and battery subsystems have to grow in order to provide the same levels of performance and economy as the baseline. But as these two components increase in size and power, their cooling requirements also increase. More thermal management loads mean a higher-capacity cooling system and even more weight to car around.”

And then we get back to price. The Volt is already around $40,000 and all these Cadillac upgrades won’t come cheap. Between a beefier power and battery setup, luxury accommodations, sound dampening, and a premium sound system, the incoming ELR is estimated to start in the mid $50,000 range.

That sounds a bit optimistic, though. The fact of the matter is that the Cadillac ELR will really only share the basest of elements with GM’s current Volt. Upgraded batteries and engines tend to be expensive, unless Cadillac has a trick up the company sleeve then buyers might be looking at an ultra premium price for a ‘green’ premium vehicle – whatever that is.

Source : Car and Driver

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  • Amazing car, love the body style,defiantly not loving the price.